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A day in my life might involve guiding C-suite leaders on building their leadership,

coaching professionals on high performance in the workplace,

or  facilitating / speaking at  empowerment programs or conferences. 

I've worked with top tier firms, MNCs, not-for-profits, small business,

and everything in between.

Let's set up a time to chat, or check out my full service offering in the menus above.

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leadership team culture

Thank you so much for the magic you made happen today. 
I was so nervous about today but it exceeded my expectations. I’m so thrilled with where we got to. I’ve never seen some of them open up or commit to working on some of those critical matters, so that was ground breaking in my assessment.
We have a great workplace with great people. We just get stuck at times! You have a gift in unsticking people! Thank you thank you thank you!

Anne, Human Resources Director

personal growth

Sharon, thank you so much! I really needed to hear you say those things and ask those questions. I've had a mixture of things that have made me put myself on the backburner for a while now and I didn't realise how much this was holding me back in life. I couldn't figure out what was going wrong. Realising that knowing who I am and being confident in deserving happiness has kickstarted my drive to heal myself and learn to love myself. So, again, thank you Sharon! 

Belinda, Ignite Self Discovery Workshop

corporate training

Fantastic course. The business writing course exceeded all my expectations. Sharon is a fantastic coach, very experienced, great communicator. I will implement the skills and techniques that were taught in this course and apply them to my professional work.

Raj, Business Analyst

looking for a speaker?

I love public speaking! I've spoken at conferences, at organisations such as Accenture, at universities / TAFEs, and networking events. Topics range from resilience to leadership, humanity to growth. I have a candid style that works well with all audiences, and I'd love to chat about how I can bring some beautiful storytelling to your event.

work with me