Whispers - Affirmative Statements for the Soul

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The perfect set of postcard sized affirmations.

These cards have a very special story behind them.

When I was going through the toughest time of my life - laying in bed recovering from a traumatic almost-death experience, waiting for my very premature baby to recover in hospital to come home - these were the affirmations I used to get through the darkest days.

Being a coach, I knew that I had to rely on myself to stay resilient, and have a mindset that would pull me through.

And so I treated myself like a client - I wrote these down in my notebook, and every single day, whispered them to myself as I stared at my broken self in the mirror.

Now, those tough times are behind me.

But these whispers saved my soul.

And I thought... if they could help even one more person out there... That I'd be honoured to have helped in some way. 

So here we have them.

A pack of whispers for the soul. 

Your soul.

A cherished friend perhaps.

Someone who needs reminding.

Or who's going through tough times.

The perfect under-$20 gift for Christmas or any occasion, really.

Each pack comes with a strip magnet so you can pop your favourites up on the fridge. They're packaged in recycled, unbleached kraft envelopes and will be mailed to you Australia-wide, free shipping included in the price.

Your purchase will support a woman owned, heart led business right here in Melbourne, Australia. 

For that, we thank you. 

Designed & produced in Melbourne.