Blaze Your Trail - Personal Productivity Online Course

Blaze Your Trail - Personal Productivity Online Course




8th November - 29th November

(4 week program)

This is my NUMBER 1 requested workshop that I coach - designed completely by me, conducted at least twice a month for both the public and corporate clients.

It gets really good reviews, and so many people write to me years later telling me how it's helped them in so many parts of their life!

BUT NOW, it'll be ONLINE instead of JUST in Melbourne.

This is a 4 week program, and in it we will cover off EVERYTHING I share in my 1 day workshop, and SO MUCH MORE.

This course will be held ONLINE, so basically you can do it from ANYWHERE in the world. All you will need is an internet connection, and a device that can access the internet!


  • Once or twice per week, a 1 - 1.5 hour LIVE session with me where we go through the exercises, knowledge, and worksheets together.
  • All worksheets that you can print off and work on at home.
  • Extra bonus LIVE sessions throughout the week for Q&A or bonus life hacks.
  • 20 DAILY simple practices to implement in your life with prompts on how to do them for maximum benefit.
  • Links to helpful articles that have really helped me.
  • Each participant will get a PERSONAL review of the 2019 goal they choose to design in our goal setting session.
  • A supportive community and me replying to your questions as needed.
  • LIFETIME access to the course group, and content - I will not delete anything and you guys can continue your journey into finding freedom through living a life you've designed, whilst sharing your findings with the learning community in there.

If you can't "attend" the LIVE sessions, the video will STAY in the group so you can actually do the "session" just like the people who did it live! I will be available to answer any questions until the course ends!!



  • Understanding Yourself
  • Understanding Time 
  • Setting Goals
  • Planning Tools & Techniques
  • Rituals
  • Delegating 
  • Designing Your Day


  • Develop techniques for setting and achieving goals.
  • Identify strategies for using planning tools that suit your personalilty
  • Better organize yourself using a heightened understanding of your motivation
  • Identify prioritised needs and how to orchestrate their success
  • Learn what to delegate and how to delegate well


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