sharon pakir

Sharon Pakir - coach, facilitator, leadership expert, public speaker, inspirational storyteller 
Sharon is a speaker, trainer, coach, facilitator,
and founder of The Trailblazer Tribe —
a coaching institute that helps its clients achieve
personal, professional, and business growth.   
Team forming and leadership is Sharon’s forte.
She’s formed over 100 teams consisting of people from
 varied sociology-economic, cultural and vocational backgrounds,
and led them to transformational success.
Sharon understands what it takes to make good teams great
and the vital success factors for highly functional teams.
Sharon has coached several individuals to become champions in their industry. Some of her clients went from having never presented before,
to becoming comfortable in front of 1500 person audiences.
With over 15000 hours of coaching and facilitation under her belt,
and a flawless feedback rating, she understands how to
get the best out of anyone she encounters.
Sharon's authentic and engaging manner shines in any room,
the impact she creates with her energy and presence is second to none.
Her serial entrepreneurship,
building her career with 2 young children,
and surviving death and medical trauma has given her
a deep connection with human empathy
and the resilience required to journey through life.
She has made it her life’s goal to empower and impact
every human being to live their best lives,
personally and professionally.
Sharon’s daily work now comprises guiding C-suite leaders
on building contemporary and empathetic leadership styles,
coaching professionals and managers on
high performance and agility in the workplace,
and facilitating empowerment programs for
individuals to fulfil their life’s potential.
Her corporate clients have included
Accenture, Jemena Energy, The Salvation Army, Parliament of Victoria,
The Ian Potter Foundation, Dius Consulting, Southern Health, Monash University,
RACV Club, Australian Pork, Monash Health,
Victoria State Emergency Service, Vincentcare Australia, and more.
She has worked with over 7000 individuals in their
quest for personal transformation,
and frequently consults to emerging businesses to
assist with their growth and profitability.
Sharon is available for public speaking on a range of topics,
from resilience to communication, leadership to personal life fulfilment.
She frequently conducts online and in-person programs
to the general public on a range of topics.
She can design unique programs for your organisation
that will engage and enthral any audience.