Sunday Soul Session : { HABITAT }

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How to create a life we love.
On an earth we love.
With people we love.

Do you LOVE your life?

Do you love and honour the earth we live on?

Do you consciously choose the people you surround yourself with?

If you are curious about the answers to these BIG questions...

Then join us in a deep dive into the life we currently lead and examine:

How we can dream up a life of magnificent purpose.
How we can tread lightly on an earth we love.
How to choose our tribe and surround ourselves with community that fills our soul.

And mostly? 
The HOW of creating a HABITAT that we love living in, on all levels.

An opportunity to be guided in a warm, heart-led environment.

Coaching. Connection. Community.

Join us and other soul-centred humans on a Sunday Soul Session.

A few hours to retreat from the busy of our normal life, and really stop to fill our souls with goodness.

Good food, warming drinks, light-filled glorious space in the heart of Melbourne.

Guided by one of Australia's top coaches, Sharon Pakir, the afternoon will centre around a facilitated self-discovery process. 


A workshop to seek ways to find our purpose and fulfilment through affirmative action.

To look at where we can grow and achieve our legacy, with the choices we make on a daily basis. 

Where we reflect on the way we impact the world we live in. 

And create a habitat for ourselves that aligns with our ethos, and allows us to be our best selves.

Bonus speakers, gift bags, and an all round beautiful experience curated by Elka Eidelman of Salve Events.

We will provide:
Custom workbooks, notebooks, stationery, sustainable lunchbox catering, drinks, gifts, the company of the amazing humans who come along, and an experience you'll treasure.

You will bring:
Your open heart, a willingness to reflect, a warmth to share with other attendees, and comfy clothes to truly enjoy the day as we lounge through deep reflection. 



We believe that part of dreaming up our perfect habitat is also caring for the habitat we already have so: 

- Please bring your own water bottle and/or mug / coffee cup so that our beverages served don't create additional waste
- All food will be provided in individual, reusable, gorgeous lunchboxes that allows for all attendees dietary requirements - and you get to take the lunchbox home as our little gift to you!
- All decorations and event styling will focus on respect for the environment 
- All items in our gift bag will be sourced via ethical, cruelty free, and environmentally conscious event partners


We cannot wait to see you!