FIRESTARTER - Business Booster Online Program

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18 FEB - 1 APRIL 2019

(6 week program)

Business Launchpad
Business Growth Program
Business Incubation
An online program for small businesses and their owners
18 FEB - 1 APRIL 2019
(6 week program)
This is my BREAD AND BUTTER in business coaching.
I've spent the last 8 years helping business owners start up and grow their businesses in a huge variety of industries.
It's my passion to help people fulfil their dream in offering their expertise to the world!! I love hearing people light up with joy when they share their knowledge and products that they've lovingly designed.
But more importantly, I THRIVE on helping business owners take their business to the public. In every aspect, from marketing and social media, to product offering assessment, from pricing to customer service.
I've spent a LONG time trying to work out how I can help business owners not just in Melbourne, but across locations. I've also loved facilitating entrepreneur group discussions and have always wanted to have a program to introduce all my awesome clients to each other.
This is a 6 week program, and in it we will cover off EVERYTHING I share with my business owner clients in coaching sessions.
EVERYTHING you will learn in this program is typically done over a year of 1 to 1 sessions - usually 12 of them!
This course will be held ONLINE, and in a GROUP, so basically you can do it from ANYWHERE in the world, but with a supportive community around you. All you will need is an internet connection, and a device that can access the internet!
  • Alignment program for your business and you - HOW to ensure your business execution and goals match up with YOU and your values and life's vision.
  • Planning for short - medium term goals as well as vision boarding your ultimate long term goal for your business.
  • An analysis of your business and personalised ideas for your implementation and growth.
  • Assessment of your product offering and accessibility for your clients.
  • Writing for your audience and understanding techniques of copy writing and selling without feeling like you're selling!
  • Review of your business branding, digital marketing, and how to get this sorted if just starting out or needing change.
  • Social media content assessment, e-commerce and email campaign management, digital strategy.
  • Social media planning and content generation for Instagram and Facebook - everything from groups to stories to LIVES to posts!
  • Social media calendars and how to use social media consciously and for maximum engagement.
  • Technology session where we run through ALL the tools for different business types and how you can use them all.
  • Review of your business operations, systems and processes.
  • Chat about business setup, structures around how to ensure you're ready to scale for growth, how to implement systems.
  • Exploring growth opportunities, networking & market presence.
  • Understanding sales funnels and action plans for business boom.
  • Recommendations to my network of awesome service providers who can help you with your business (websites, social, graphic, financial modelling, expansion) who will not try to pull the wool over your eyes!!!
  • Once or twice per week, a 1 hour LIVE Masterclass with me where we go through the exercises, knowledge, and worksheets together
  • Full schedule for LIVE Masterclasses will be sent to you upon registration.
  • Videos of the LIVE masterclasses will be uploaded in the classroom group for catchup and reference.
  • A full workbook that you can print off and work on.
  • Extra bonus LIVE sessions throughout the week for Q&A or bonus life hacks.
  • DAILY simple practices and check-ins to implement the learnings in your life with prompts on how to do them for maximum benefit.
  • DAILY ACTIONS for you to do in your business that will maximise your outcomes.
  • Links to articles that have really helped me.
  • A supportive community and me replying to your questions as needed.
  • LIFETIME access to the course group, and content - I will not delete anything and you guys can continue your journey into finding freedom through living a life you've designed, whilst sharing your findings with the learning community in there.
  • ANNNNND of course I will be available to answer any questions until the course ends!!
- People who have a dream to launch their business, or are starting out
- People who have launched their business but want to grow
- Established businesses that need a transformation or new growth strategy
- Businesses of all shapes and sizes (micro-business to small business with teams)
*** You've got to be ready to work with me and work through YOU and your business! ***
  • Some businesses have business partners. Every ticket in this course will allow you AND your business partner to join in ie, you only need to purchase ONE ticket per business for 2 people to attend.
  • This program is limited to 12 businesses! This way you know you have my FULL attention. During the course of this program, I will only be working on a max of 2 other programs as a coach, and will be limiting my availability for 1:1 coaching too. You will have my undivided attention!
  • Anyone who takes part in this course can ALSO do BLAZE, my online productivity course running at the same time for HALF PRICE.
  • Anyone who takes part in the FIRESTARTER course will get a 30% discount on 1:1 coaching sessions with me during the program.