trusting your gut

Trust Your Gut
Do you trust your gut?
I do.
A few months ago, someone commented on one of my social media posts
that they weren't sure if "trusting your gut"
was a good thing, because they weren't sure
if our gut was always right.
I've thought a lot about this since then.
And my answer is still yes.
Let me explain.
Here's the thing though -
there's a difference between operating on gut instinct, and impulse. 
Our impulse is what most of us confuse with our gut instinct.
In a busy world, with distracted lifestyles, in our fast paced lives -
we are often operating on impulse.
All day, every day.
Whether it's putting out fires at work,
or being pulled between other peoples' needs,
or attending to our multiple social media accounts,
multi-tasking and doing things on the go as they need to be done -
all these actions keep taking us further and further away from our core.
Most days, we are run off our feet, and make decisions based on the now,
on the urgent, and on the needs of who's putting pressure on us.
So we go with what we know of the current moment,
and the information we have in that situation.
This is not operating on gut instinct.
It may sometimes feel like it, but it's not.
This is acting on impulse, because we are reacting to a set of
immediate concerns with pressures such as time and other people.
Learning how to centre, truly centre, into our gut? 
That's a skill in itself. 
As an adult, we've often endured years of growing up
 being told that our instincts are wrong,
that we need to learn to live by society's rules,
that social structures and norms are meant to be followed. 
So as adults, we then need to learn the skill of re-finding our centre,
and understanding our true gut emotions.
Some people do this through meditation,
some people do it through self-reflection.
Some need the help of others to guide them
through questions and counselling,
and others need nature and solitude
to prompt the process of looking within.
It is then, and only then, that we are tuning in to our gut instinct. 
And I truly believe that this gut instinct is always right.
It's not hard to trust our gut.
It's finding it that's difficult.
How do you find your centre to tune in to your gut?

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